5 Days road trip to Thessaloniki

and a one day trip to city from the fairytales-Xanthi

Tour Details

Arrival at the airport of Thessaloniki “Alexander the great” where our agency’s bus is already waiting to take you at your first ride through the one of the most beautiful city in Greece- Thessaloniki. First touch with the capital city of Northern Greece. Followed by the city tour and the panoramic site seeing. The starting point is The White tower of Thessaloniki, which represents the most important part of this city. After that, our first stop is Archeological museum where you will have the opportunity to come inside and see the ancient antiquities not only from this area but from all parts of Greece. We continue our site seeing and the road takes us until the church of St. Dimitris, the most beautiful church in the city which is also the protector of Thessaloniki. Short stop here and then we continue until the central square of Thessaloniki, which has a name one of the greatest Greek philosophers – the Aristotle’s Square. And finally, our city tour ends at the post of Thessaloniki where you can see the famous column of Alexander the Great. Free time for a coffee or lunch by the sea. Departure to our hotel. Dinner. For a lovers of a night life, possibility to go out and meet the night life of Thessaloniki.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for a closer meeting with the city. After city tour from the day before, we will had the opportunity to meet closer the history of Thessaloniki. Our first stop is the most important place from the World War I – well known as a cemetery Zeitenlik. It is an Allied military cemetery and World War I memorial park in Thessaloniki, the largest military cemetery in Greece. It contains the graves of circa 20,000 Serbian, French, British, Italian Russian and Greek soldiers and Bulgarian POWs, who died in the battles on the Salonika front during World War I. The largest part of the complex is the Serbian Military Graveyard, which contains the remains of c. 7,500 soldiers. The French sector contains the remains of 8,000 French soldiers. The Italian sector holds about 3,000 graves; the British sector holds about 2,000 graves, and there is also the Russian sector with about 400 graves. There are also graves of Bulgarian POW, such as graves of fallen Greeks transferred from the battlefields of Kilkis. After a few hours for site seeing and a lot of history, the road takes us to the old part of Thessaloniki , named Ano Poli, which means the upper side of the city. You will have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with the most stunning view or to enjoy your walk into the fortress. Departure for the city centre and visiting the Ancient Market which is nearby the Aristotle’s Square. Also you will have your free time for a coffee or walk. You can visit the biggest modern markets in Thessaloniki called Kapani and Modiano. Departure for the hotel. Dinner. 

Breakfast. Boarding in our agency’s bus and departure to Meteora. s a rock formation in central Greece hosting one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, second in importance only to Mount Athos. The six (of an original twenty four) monasteries are built on immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders that dominate the local area. It is located near the town of Kalambaka at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessalynear the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains. Meteora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List under criteria I. The name means "lofty", "elevated", and is etymologically related to meteor. After our short break for a coffee in a city of Larisa, we continue to the Great Meteora. Which monasteries we will visit depends from the day we go, because each day the different monastery is open for visitors. From the “saint rocks” you will have the breathtaking view. After site seeing departure for the hotel. Dinner.

Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to Xanthi, a beautiful town near Thessaloniki. Xanthi is a town with a great history, traditional elements and cosmopolitan spirit. The town has some energy and its own magic which makes you to research more and more. It has a lot of things to offer. We will start our tour visiting the old part of the town. In this part has been living only reach people, so we can see the beautiful houses and neighborhoods. They are also known as a place with the biggest industry of tobacco in Greece. You can also visit the ethnographic museum and see how the people lived in the past. After site seeing you will have some free time to enjoy and explore the hidden parts of this authentic town. Combination of architecture together with the roads full of flowers, makes this town like it was built for some fairytale. Departure from Xanthi at the afternoon. Dinner. After dinner, our agency is organized a farewell party- traditional Greek night with live music and a traditional Greek “meze”. Say goodbye to Thessaloniki with the sounds of bouzouki.

5th Day- THESSALONIKI (departure)
Breakfast and check-out from the hotel. Visit to the biggest shopping mall in Thessaloniki- Cosmos. Free time for the shopping or coffee and departure for the airport “Alexandre the Great”.

*Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful cities in the Northern Greece, it is settled in the heart of Macedonia.
If you choose to join us in this trip to Thessaloniki, you will have the opportunity to visit the places below.
• Visit to Archeological Museum
• Visit to the White tower
• Visit to Rotonda, the Arc and the Palace of GAleri
• Visit to the fortress
• Visit to the town of Veroia
• Visit to the archeological sites of Vergina
• Visit to Macedonian Graves
• Guide to the Aristotle’s square, the New Beach and Ladadika
• Visit to Nea Moudania in Chalkidiki and to a famous cave in Pretralona


Our trips to Thessaloniki includes:
All transportations, excursions by air-conditioned touristic bus,
Stay over to hotels: Double and triple rooms
Free ticket for the guides of the groups
Meals by choice
Professional tour leader organized by our agency
Tools for the bus


Notes: there is a choice of hotels 3* , 4* or 5*, with HB, organized by our agency’s partners.
The program of our trips can be changed on request . There is possibility of professional guide to all our trips.